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Adam Costello


About Adam

I am a photographer from Minnesota. I grew up in Alexandria, went to college in Moorhead, and now live in South Minneapolis. I love everything about this part of the country, and the great variety in the landscape here is artistically inspiring.

I received a Bachelor of Arts degree from Minnesota State University Moorhead. I studied Art with an emphasis in Photography. It didn't take long for me to realize that the more I studied photography, the less I actually knew about the subject. So I took as many photo classes as I possibly could, burning through countless rolls of film and spending endless nights in the darkroom. I eventually received my B.A degree in 2002.

I have always made my photographs the old-fashioned way, with film and paper. My equipment consists of various 35mm, medium and large format systems, including a 5x7 Seneca City View camera made in the late 1800's. Currently, my favorite camera is my Speed Graphic Pacemaker. I've been experimenting with making soft focus lenses adapted to fit to the front of my Speed Graphic. It's so much fun to experiment with photo equipment twice, and sometimes three times as old as myself and seeing the images that emerge.

*See more of my photos via Flickr.